Oh thank you Pam for truly understanding! He is VERY high energy. Special needs are PDD-NOS and ADHD. We belong to an indoor pool but many times does not want to go. He is register for swimming class starting this Tuesday, Bowling, African Drumming on Thursdays (which he loves!) and horsebackriding on Fridays. I offer to take him to a park or indoor play place every day. Some days he is more wiling to go than others. We have tried organized sports (basketball, baseball, and soccer) but he ahs trouble staying on task and find the noise and activity levels overwhelming. Thanks again! Joanne
***You have to
support the REAL child you have - and you have a very physically
demanding high energy kid. Other people may not have kids who are so
needy of physical outlet and so may not understand how important it
is for him to burn off all that energy - how exhausting it can be if
he doesn't get that chance.***


**It does sound like he wears YOU out - and that description of him
STILL wanting to play tag after dinner when you are ready and eager
and needing to wind down - was very familiar to me, so you have my
sympathy and understanding for wanting to just say no way, because
you're at your low-energy time of the day and he's still energized.***

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