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> -=-Is there a pattern here of an overbearing, overly controlling matriarch
> seeking to recreate the negative patterns of her own mothering with her
> grandchildren???? I mean if her son can't even stand up to her in advocating
> for his son....... -=-
I have a little bit to report regarding the idea of men being run over by
moms. I'll quote it from an e-mail I wrote yesterday:


Marty quit his job.  He told Mike on Thursday that he wanted to finish the
work that was there and then quit.  He said Mike did his "depressed thing," but
otherwise was fine with it.  Earlier in the week Marty had talked to me about
what two weeks' notice meant and how it would work with a four day a week job,
and I told him the tradition, but this isn't that formal a job.  He talked
about how he might quit, and said he might tell Mike he'd saty until Mike found
someone else.  I said don't do that!  He might never even look.    

I also cautioned Marty not to say it was about money or hours, or Mike might
offer him more.

So he said he'd finish current orders, and Mike said that might be enough
work to last until middle of next week, but Marty finished it Thursday and

He wants to have a week off before looking for something else.  We're *right*
by Raley's, Lowe's and a Twister's.  Toward Menaul there's a video game store
that really wanted to hire Kirby after he quit at Active Imagination, but
Kirby turned them down twice.  I'm pressing Marty to go there and get a job so he
can get an employee discount on the new Playstation that's coming out.  I
said "DO IT!  Do it right now!"

He didn't seem eager.

I said "You kids never do what I tell you to do."

Marty:  "That's how we were raised."

Me: "Well it's going to bite you in the butt someday."

Marty-without-a-pause:  "That we were raised that way?"

Oooohh...   He won. <g>

There was nothing wrong with the job, it's just that when Marty started there
were other people to talk to and he was learning lots of new things, but it
devolved into Marty working all alone and doing things he had done before.

Marty's quick. <g>
And I can't "make" him do anything. I can offer suggestions, but he rightly
doesn't feel he has no options.


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