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-=-I don't understand what you meant to write.-=-
-=-If he's not old enough to stay near you, then you should hold his hand.-=-

Ds has issues about being touched at times.  So he has been adverse to
holding hands for a years.  He also has been a runner for a while. He thinks he is
initiating a game even though it has been explained to him many times about
safety, etc.  These and other challenges is why he had been in a full day special
needs program for the last two years.  What I meant to say was that it was a
BAD decision on my part to even try to bring him in a store like that.  I do
try to take him out even though his behaviors can be difficult.  Quite honestly
if I couldn't take him out unless he held my hand or consistently stayed by
me we wouldn't go out at all.  I will continue to try to look at the part I may
play in those dynamics (although he does exhibit similar behavior with


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