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> -=-Does radical unschooling mean to
> allow a child to run around the stores, climbing on things,etc.-=-
Always saying no is bad.
NEVER saying no is just as bad.

Helping children figure out when and where they can do things is great.

YES children can run and should run, but ANYwhere? No.
YES children should be able to climb up and look around, but ANYwhere? No.

"Yes, somewhere else" can be a good answer, but then the parents need to find
that somewhere else QUICKLY, soon, that day, not a month or a year later.

"If it was my ladder I'd let you" or "if it was my truck I'd let you" might
be good answers IF THEY'RE TRUE. Take the kid home and let him climb up on
the cab of your truck or the top of your van. Help him up; help him down.
Talk about what he can see differently, and about the danger to him and to the
vehicle. Help him climb on the roof and look around.


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