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(after our game) however, when it came to putting 5/9ths
into a percent I didn't say anything because I don't know how to
speak that without being confusing. "I" only know how to do it on
paper to break it down.


Was she asking?

It's nice to have a little info to share about a subject if you have it, but
if you don't know, say so. If you don't know, and she's not asking, stop
talking. If you don't know and she's sorta interested, wonder aloud about how
to do it. She might know already, and have something to add.

For the future, if you want to know how to do something, learn it. But not
so you can pass it on....but because the learning is what interested you.
Then, if you get another chance to show her what you've learned, lucky you! It
probably won't happen, though.


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