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Jackie has not yet found much joy in taking walks. Can't even get around
the block without complaining that her legs hurt, too tired, etc.

I dislike taking walks around my neighborhood, too. BOOOORING. It feels
pointless and if I'm with others it makes me feel out of control. I feel
vulnerable to being hurt or it raining or something like that and not being able
to get back except via my own two feet. These are the same reasons I had
trouble on group runs in the Army, too. Physically I could do it.
Psychologically, not knowing where I'm going and when it would end was VERY hard.

But I LOVE to walk in the woods and ride my bike all around my neighborhood
and wherever else I can ride it. I LOVE to walk my dogs in the neighborhood.
I can walk to the park or the store. But just to walk around the
neighborhood, nah.

Just walking is boring. Doing something while walking, or doing it for a
purpose is not.


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