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IMO your putting way too much pressure on your self.
I have four children ages 18 months to 14. I do not count time spent with
them that sounds a bit like focus on the educational stuff and not life. One day
I may watch tv for an hour and other days none. My kids don't do the same
thing every day. I use my computer and sometimes will run down stairs to use
the one in my room to print Ebay labels. That's the only time I can so I do.
Your children need to be happy but so do you. If you are unschooling IMO you
don't need to sit on your kids or be there all the time.

<<My dd went to ps in K, I unschooled her in 1st grade,
she went to ps in 2nd and asked to be homeschooled
again, so we unschooled last year and this is our 3rd
year, but 2nd in a row. My ds went to p/t preschool
for 1 year, the year my dd was in 2nd grade and hated
it, so other than that we've unschooled/been at home
together since his birth.>>>>

My son was in and out a couple times in 3rd and 4th for 2 weeks. That's good
that you allowed that so everyone knows where they want to be.

<<Is your enthusiasm genuine? What if I don't feel that?
Should I just do it anyway? Will it just happen
eventually? Do you think I shouldn't homeschool if I
can't feel that kind of enthusiasm? Are they better
off in school?>>>

Here id say you either want to HS or not, sounds like you want to. Your
feelings may change here and there and you will have days where you question
yourself. No one can tell you if your unfit to HS, no one is in your house or
knows you or your kids. If you think kids don't bicker or fight , they do, mine
do. Ages and stages differ in each house. My 18 mo and 3 yr old are going
through a sharing stage, it's normal. My 14 yr old and almost 6 yr old bothered
each other for a couple years, it's finally leveling out. That too is normal.
If you and I lived together there would be things that bugged both of us over
time. That's normal..
You tried PS twice and didn't like it. Relax and have some fun with your

<<Do your kids help you clean up after playing with all
that? I can barely do the regular housekeeping (and
what I do have time to do housekeeping-wise is very
minimal!) and whenever we do an art project, I can't
get the kids to help clean up. I've explained to them
that we would do more of this sort of thing if we
could clean up together, as a team, but it doesn't
seem to motivate them. Am I expecting too much to ask
them for help?>>

Mine don't but when I ask they generally do. I don't ask often bc they are
usually engulfed in another activity. As they get older they help more. If
they value something they move it bc they know I don't always know what's trash
and what isn't. My daughter on any given day will whip out 10 drawings
leaving 30 or so pieces of paper and crayons. I pick those up sometimes asking for
her help. Some days she say no and others she helps it's all how I ask in the
Telling them if they don't help there won't be fun more often to be had
doesn't work. Kids think in the moment not ahead especially younger ones. I think
your analyzing too much. Just go with life and it will all fall into place.

<<What do you think is enough? If I spent one hour a day
with them on a project is that enough? Or does that
not even begin to be enough? 3 hours? more?
Can you give me an idea of how much time you spend?
What happens when your own soul hasn't been
replenished and you've got nothing left to give?>>
IMO an hour is long on one thing...That spills of perfection and finishing
something just because it was started.
You can't put a timer on unschooling.. that's my opinion.. 3 hours doing
what? that sounds like a long time..
Some days my kids watch tv, use the computer and play outside. I'm here but
they don't seek me out all day everyday. I think your being too hard on your
self. My almost 6 yr old has been unschooled all along. No sitters, no
preschool and no lessons. Yesterday she asked me how to spell dinosaur. She wrote
that along with some drawings and was quite impressed that she did that. She
is quite interested in dinosaurs. When daddy go home she told him and showed
him. That wasn't all she told him but the one that stuck in my mind bc of her
excitement. That's an educational looking example and all i could think of in
the moment. She's in a cast from a trampoline ankle twist (may or may not be
broken they cant tell) so she's not as mobile..

Nicholas 3 played in a pile of dirt I cleaned up in the driveway. He loves
bugs. Ants were yesterday's interest on top of Jay Jay on the computer and Dora
and Diego (sp) on Nick. We went to the post office, sealed packages from
Ebay sales.

Dustin 14 played Runescape,rode his bike,played with his friends and cooked
brownies with the kids and I.
Things are not perfect and pretty all day esp with several children. I used
to think they were in other homes too. Life is not perfect. Kids fall, people
get sad,hungry,tired and happy. It's all in how you look at the glass 1/2
empty or 1/2 full.
Imagine the emotions and situations your kids would go through in school. At
home you are there to help them in school they are alone to deal. Home sounds
better. It will get better as they get older.

<<I'm happy to announce to you all that I've been
watching some T.V. with them, including Cyberchase and
talking with them about it. Does it count if I bring
carrots to peel with me etc... to do while I watch?
Also, I played with them with a huge box of popscicle
sticks for a while and they had a blast with that. We
built a city on our dining room table. But eventually
I had to leave to cook dinner and they continued, I
only spent about 1/2 an hour.>>

That sounds great! Why can't your bring carrots? I'd say if you couldn't
bring carrots that your life wasn't fair for you. I'd be stressed if I didn't do
what i needed to work around the kids to get normal daily house stuff done.
I don't make them wait to go somewhere while I do laundry I do it while they
are interested in something. Much like going to the bathroom everyone has
needs and no one should feel they cannot reasonably reach their goals.

Honestly IMO I think you posting shows your interest in HS'ing and wants to
work at being a better parent. I think your putting too much pressure on
yourself to be perfect. If know your kids and talk to them they will guide you.


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