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> -=-Emotional Quotient?  As opposed to Intelligence -- I think it might be
> one of the Multiple Intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner.  Not sure
> though, as I am not the original poster.-=-

Okay, thanks.
That's likely, and makes sense.

Sandra, I must say that one thing I really appreciate about you is the
way you persist in getting people to clarify their mental processes.  I
think a really important component of unschooling needs to be an
awareness of clear communication, because it is so hard as it is to get
newbies to wrap their minds and hearts around some of the concepts. 
Thanks to all who share along the way.-=-

Much of unschooling is developing ones own understanding of learning
processes, and increasing one's own confidence. When people's own thinking and
writing is muddly, or they're asking for simple answer (rules to follow) instead of
unravelling all the threads of their internal messages and assumptions,
they're not moving toward unschooling as well as they could if they sort through

I've been thinking about these things as I'm adding to my notes for talks at
the Live and Learn conference, and thinking about cranky detractors of other
years (gone on to other lists, to avoid people who might persist about their
mental processes) who have stated very simply and unilaterally and that there is
nothing to unschooling past just not using a curriculum. It is no more and
no less than not using a curriculum.

That's just too simple, and not workable, and the absence of a curriculum in
the presence of a momload of school thinking and fears and false "truths" is
not going to create a rich learning environment. People unwilling to consider
that are on their way to reverting to a curriculum or putting their kids in
school, or settling for a half-assed situation of one sort or another.


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