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<<Ok, so I'm about to go totally off subject, but Karen's story reminded me
the other day when ds and I were at the store picking out his bday cake. Ds
has kinda long shocking white blond hair, people walk up to him randomly all
the time to comment about his hair (usually positive and usually to him, not
me..he just turned 5 so that's kinda impressive). Anyway, we're standing
amidst a group of ladies and a random woman walks up to my ds and says "boy,
looks like you need a haircut." He just looks at her so I respond
with"noooo, I don't think so." One of the other ladies totally unrelated
says "oh no! Don't you cut that gorgeous hair!" THEN, the original
commenter turns to her and says, serious, and seriously rude, "I don't think
anybody asked you to be part of this conversation!" Talk about oblivious.

My little guy is 17 months and people have made comments. His hair is also
very blonde/white.
You know some people will always have something to say. My daughter as a
baby had black hair at birth and then quickly began to turn blonde. I actually
had people ask me if I bleached her hair and some didn't ask they just muttered
under their breath.
Kids are beautiful and should all be spoken to nicely and loved.

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