Ren Allen

"Do you think unschooling is more or less stressful than not
homeschooling in any way, just sending your kids to school?""

If we thought unschooling was more stressful, why on earth would we
be doing it? Seriously.

If sending my kids to school was less stressful, I'd do it!

Think about it though, by the time children are school age, they're
just getting "easier" as far as all the messes and high need for
Mom's attention. If you're happy having them home as babies and
toddlers, why would you have less stress by sending them away at age

To me, school causes all kinds of new stresses that unschooling
families don't deal with. Putting children into a peer situation
other than their family, creates separation and social situations
children shouldn't have to deal with. The negativity a child deals
with in school spills over to home, the schoolwork invades family
life even causes families to separate, not get

Then you can factor in living by an institution's schedule,
transportation and not having the freedom to travel when you
choose...sounds like a whole load of stress I'd rather avoid. Not to
mention the stress the child deals with if they don't want to be

LIFE has stresses. Living the unschooling life does not shield me
from reality. But at least our reality is what we choose, not what
society decided to dish out. Our lives are pretty stress free
overall. Unschooling has a lot to do with that....a LOT.