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Rue Kream is ready to take orders for her new book. She's not
comfortable blowing her own horn, but *I* am delighted to! <G>

Entitled _Parenting a Free Child: An Unschooled Life_, it is in a Q&A
format where Rue answers most, if not all <g>, of the questions we all
have heard or will hear as unschoolers.

It's a sweet, gentle book---just like Rue! And self-published!

I hope she will be flooded with your orders!

Here's her new website to promote the book---go judge this book by its
lovely cover! http://www.freechild.info/

That's Rue's cute little butt! <g>

~Kelly, tickled to death to announce this!

Kelly Lovejoy
Conference Coordinator
Live and Learn Unschooling Conference
October 6-9, 2005

Rue Kream

Thank you, Kelly, queen of the plug <G>. And thanks so much for mentioning
my butt :o).

If anyone wants to save on shipping you can order now and I can bring the
books to the conference. So if any of those who have ordered already (man,
you're fast!) will be there, let me know if you'd rather do it that way and
I'll refund your shipping charges.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program. ~Rue

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