Gerard & Leonie Westenberg

<<If he wanted to LEARN to write better, he'd be WRITING all the time,
trying to do it better and better. It would be on his OWN initiative,
he would not need to ask you for help with that unless he needed you
to get him paper or pens or something concrete like help him find
writing samples to trace or copy.>>>

This has made sense for us.

One of my sons received a letter from a friend the same age. Hhe noted that she had written in cursive - he prints. He said he wanted to write in cursive like Phoebe, so he asked me to get him a handwriting book, like the ones he'd seen in Borders. He works on this book, off and on - but *he was the one who came up with the diea cos it is his motivation. Not making a goal per se or looking to me to set up a programme - just I want to learn this so can you get me this and I'll write in it when I want. :-)


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