One of the reasons Noelle came to visit us was to help out with
Vacation Bible School (VBS)at our church. She agreed to help keep
the nursery while I taught a class for the week and my older
daughter Sarah was in a class and my younger daughter Olivia was to
be in the nursery with Noelle.

The first day of VBS Olivia didn't want to stay in the nursery and I
didn't force her. We went in and out through the morning as our
schedule allowed but mostly she stayed with me. At one point Olivia
was eating a snack in the nursery and stayed there without me for
about 20 minutes. I looked in to check on her and she was crying.
I immediately took her out. Noelle told me, "Olivia is the only
problem. All of the other kids are doing fine." I said, "Olivia is
not a problem." Noelle replied, "Well, she is a Mama's baby." I
said, "There is nothing wrong with that."

Later on in the morning Olivia wanted to play again in the nursery
and I left her for about 20 minutes and checked on her twice during
that time. The second time I looked in she was listlessly sitting
with her blankie and sucking her fingers. She saw me through the
window and brightened up when I motioned for her to come to the door
and go with me. Noelle immediately rushed to the door and, while
she didn't say anything, it was clear from her facial expressions
and her tongue clicking that she didn't approve. I said, "I know
you don't approve of my parenting, but I am taking her out." She
said nothing.

I didn't leave Olivia in the nursery again the rest of the week.
She stayed with me in my class and was my little helper. She
colored and cut when she was bored by the class and she handed out
papers and sat with me when she was interested in what we were
doing. She was fine and she didn't disturb my class in the least.

By Wedsnesday of our VBS week my older daughter Sarah was very
tired. (We are not used to getting up early and having to be
somewhere and follow an agenda! Thankfully, it was only for a week!)

Sarah said she didn't want to go to class that day. I told her she
didn't have to that she could sit with me in my class and take it
easy or help.

Noelle came downstairs to breakfast and Sarah told her she wasn't
going to class. Noelle said, " But you have to go. You should
finish what you start. You need to go, just for the experience." I
said, "Sarah, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do."
Noelle said, "But she has to go. She should finish what she
starts. That's what I was taught and that's what I think." I
said, "I don't really care what you think. Here's what I think. I
think this visit is not going well and I think you need to call your
parents and change your flight."

I felt badly about saying this to her but I was also relieved. I
wanted her gone because of her constant challenges to our way of
life, her rudeness (everything I did and said was wrong and could be
tweaked or improved). I had told her earlier in the week that I
wasn't used to being critized and judged all of the time, that my
kids still thought I was pretty great. This got no response from
Noelle. The understanding about homeschooling that she had had a few
days earlier seemed to have vanished. I guess all of her beliefs
were being challenged on too many levels at once.

She had also been "shushing" Sarah and telling her to be quiet.
When I asked her to stop this Noelle said,(in front of Sarah), "But
she is too loud." My reply was, "This is her house." Anyway all of
this is a roundabout way of saying there was a lot of stuff leading
up to my saying, "You need to go home." It was one thing to
consider when she was disturbing my peace but when she disturbed my
children--it was time for her to go.

End of 2nd installment. Next, the truth comes out, a tearful
confession, and I call Noelle's parents.

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