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> At what point do we recognize that they are their own persons and what
> they 
> do has absolutely NO reflection on us or the way they were raised?  Do we 
> get
> that opportunity?

Well if that's so, and parenting is not a factor and what they do has no
reflection on the way they were raised, there's no reason to write a book at
all. There's not even any reason to unschool.

At no point does a parent get the opportunity to "recognize" that nothing
they did while their children were growing up affected what they did as adults or
how they did it.

Why would one even want that?
OH. I know some who don't want that. My mother, who botched raising my
half brother whose last act regarding her before she died was to steal all her
money TWICE (quickly, from a second ATM) and leave the state. She would
like to think that it has nothing to do with how she raised him.


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