Charmaine Rodriguez

I do not know if I am just lucky or if it is my technique, but when I say lets so to bed my children are generally excited about it. Its snuggle time. We also have a family bed, my daughters are 6 and 2. My younger still breastfeeds so we pick out a book and while my little one nurses to sleep my older one calms down with being read to. There have been some nights when we have read 5+ books in order for her to be satisfied. But I find that doing this same routine every night more often then not she is ready to sleep after just one book. We really enjoy this time and some time Daddy even joins to listen. I hope this helps. Charmaine

My kids are 1 and 3. My 3-year-old is very spirited. Let me first say that I truly believe in abiding by the natural rhythms of my children. I'm finding it hard to balance this at night when my dd is cranky, but refusing to go to bed when she's tired. I have tried in the past to get her to bed and she just won't sleep.

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