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Hello all!

I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to apply unschooling to an 18 year
old's life.

My stepson has just moved here from France and we are overjoyed to have him
living with us.
I am not sure how to be a good "facilitator" whilst living in suburbia
presently as opposed to our original home in Manhattan - the Mecca of culture and
open minds.

He is picking up the language lightning quick and he's really really gifted
with computers.

He was recently on his own in France and living a bit of party life and he
says he would like to live healthier now (his words: "I've ripened").

He was kicked out of one private school once for getting caught with pot and
didn't have a very happy experience at the next private school.
I'm thinking he needed to deschool (and may need to do more).

I don't have much experience in this area....other than me being a teen
myself once who partied a bit.


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> Hello all!
> I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to apply unschooling to
>an >18 year > old's life.
At 18 he's an adult, living life is living life - "schooling" no
longer plays any role in it but learning is large. What does he want
to do? Play 'tour guide' - go explore your neighborhood, town,
nearby city, state, etc. Go to those places you've said "I really
should go there one of these days" - even if it's simply to see a
giant ball of twine in a town 30 minutes away. If you're even -near-
a metro area, take mass transit in to the city. Take him to the
market and let him pick out ingredients for a dish he'd like to cook
for you; go to an ethnic market and together pick out stuff to make
something new and interesting; start an evening walk habit or a
morning walk habit or a hike at a nearby nature reserve on Saturdays
(since he is wanting to live a more healthy style try to include
good eating and getting out and moving). If he was in metro areas,
and you used to be in metro areas, exploring suburbia, parks, etc.
is a whole new thing... go watch a softball game or a Little League
game or whatever. Maybe he'd want to get involved in a parks & rec
soccer league.

Maybe a hint as to where you are geographically now (did you move to
upstate in NY, NJ suburbs (northern or southern?), someplace else?)
could help folks brainstorm ideas of stuff that is in your area.