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> Next time I'll just go for the dictionary !!!!

I love online dictionaries--in Word or using google, but now I have a new Mac
with a dictionary in its "dashboard," and I'm dictionary rich.

Meanwhile, Holly has discovered and is loving real paper dictionaries and
has had a lot of fun with my American Heritage, the one with "the f- word." I
think all kids who play with dictionaries at all have looked up "the bad
words," and that dictionary has 'em all.

There's a movie recently on DVD called Orgazmo (with a "z" which doesn't help
with the spelling pattern). It's by Trey Parker, who does so many of the
voices on South Park. It's ridiculously silly, but for families who don't mind
humor of a sexual and religious and social nature, it's entertaining.
Probably not for younger kids. Most people would hate it for being a bad movie
and being "about something nasty" I suppose.

Trey plays the lead. He's a Mormon missionary whose mission is nearly
finished, and he wants to have money to marry his girlfriend back in SLC, and is
offered a job in a film. Turns out it's a porn film with a superhero named
"Orgasmo." The movie (both the larger movie and the film-within-a-film) has Ron
Jeremy. I had known nothing about Ron Jeremy before, but Kirby told me he
was some actual porn guy who'd been in more movies than anyone including
Christopher Lee. Also at Netflix was a documentary about Ron Jeremy, so we got
that and Keith watched it, and I watched it, and Kirby watched it (none of us at
the same time, which might have made it easier to bear). I'm not
recommending it as something anyone needs to or should see, just showing another example
of how one thing led to another.


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