Sally Brooks

Just wanted to comment on both the "being" thread and
the "spelling...." thread.

I, too, am a former school teacher who is currently working part time
a a gas station to help make ends meet and have a little fun money.
Ted the maintenence guy who visits about once a week was floored the
first time I mentioned that I used to teach. The last time he was at
the shop the same time I was, he said, "You never have told me why
you quit teaching." I was quiet for a long time, many things going
through my head, a roll-a-dex if you will, same as another poster
mentioned her brain doing, and I finally told him, "You know, after
answering that question numerous times in the past 2 years, I've
discovered that some people are not going to be happy with my answer
and still think I'm crazy. Are you one of those?" A customer
overheard and asked what I used to do. I told him. He said, bet you
didn't make enough money. I said that I was making as much working
at the gas station with a chance to make more, than what I was making
at my last teaching job (minus the health insurance pmt.). Ted
looked at me and said, "That would have been a very reasonable answer
to me" with a little grin on his face. We had a great conversation
after that.

And about the spelling... I just wanted to mention that my 12yo dd
and I have gotten HOOKED on the GSN station and the game LINGO. We
get very involved yelling at the contestants and everything. The
other day I stomped off into the kitchen because a contestant tried
to use the word "trods" and was told it was not in the dictionary! I
about lost it. I even threw something at the screen! I was still
eavesdropping though and overheard them accept "poser" and began
wondering what dictionary they were looking in. Anyway, the 12yo
sits and guesses right along with me, although she doesn't throw
things at the t.v. when she disagrees <g>