Tracy Mckenzie

Today on the "E True Hollywodd" channel there was a show
called, "what Hollywood Taught us About Sex". My husband and I were
watching it, my 17 year old son was sitting at the computer that is
in our family room...he is my one child NOT remotely embarassed
about sex, he is almost too open if there is such a thing..LOL, some
things a mom just dosen't need to know..ha 13 year old daughter came in and sat down while we were
watching the program. (The program was funny and showed clips from
movies, and then would go into "What" did we learn from this movie
about sex. Example.."Fast times at Ridgemont High"...we may have
learned not to "do it" in a baseball dug out.)She asked what we were
watching, I explained the concept of the program, and told her she
was more then welcome to watch if she felt like it, or I would go
into the other room with her and watch something with her
there...or, did she want to work the puzzle we started this morning?

She said,"I'd like to watch it". She has seen several programs with
sexual conotation and she has two brothers who have been an open
book when it comes to questions.

Something came up in the program about having a "Orgasim". She ask
us to pause the Tivo, and then asked, "What is a orgasim?" I
jokingly looked at my husband and asked, "Do you want to take this
one?" He said, not really..laughing a little.
Then my son said, "It's why people enjoy sex". Then she
said, "oh"...but what IS it?

I stepped in at this point and explained it as best I could...I
asked her if she has ever had a spot on her body that itched REALLY
bad? She said, "Yeah" and then I said,"when you finally itched it
didn't it feel good?" "Yeah"...I said it's kinda like that. And that
it happens during sex to both a man and a women..or can happen. I
asked her if she wanted me to explain it further..she said, "No,
Thanks Mom".

She was most happy with the answer I gave husband and son
were shocked at my explanation of a orgasim. My son said, "Great she will think if she has a itch she has had a orgasim !!!"
We got to laughing about it son said, "Oh, I have a

I tried to keep it simple and to the point, in terms I thought she
would husband and son have been laughing at me ever
since...LOL . They just whish that had thought of my
explaination !!!

Anybody else have this question asked of them? If so, what did you