Pam Sorooshian

This was in a post from last January - I have something new to add to

"I just recommended it <Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style"> to
Roya. She is a creative writer - an
outstanding writer. But her academic essays could be more polished and
she makes up the punctuation rules as she goes along, doesn't really
know why she makes the choices she does."

She never looked at it. Didn't have time. She DID write quite a few
papers for her college courses throughout the semester. She asked for
some proofreading and editing occasionally.

She took the "Writing Proficiency Exam" that is required of all
students at her university. It gets scored by three professors - she
just got her scores. Each professor scores out of 6 points and she got
two 6's and one 5 for 17 out of 18 possible points.

So - I guess her "intuitive approach" works pretty well. Never had a
single grammar, punctuation, writing, or spelling lesson.