Anna Wolfe

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>and boy do I miss a nice glass of wine
or a good beer!! I
never drank much...probably less than once a
week....the reaction
grew worse over the years until I had a very scary New
Years after one
glass of Champagne a few years back. Anyone ever hear
of such a
I've tried to look it up and I can't seem to get much.
The 'experts'
there isn't an allergy to alcohol and it doesn't seem
matter what kind

This would not surprise me in the least. In my own
HUMBLE opinion, and I am NOT a medical doctor nor do I
ever plan to be... alcoholism is related to an
allergic response to sugars, yeast, and alcohol, aka
Candida. I say this having been on a strict
anti-candida diet until childbirth, then eating &
drinking everything for 12 years: (sugar, cheesecake,
red wine, yum yum) while running a low grade vaginal
yeast infection that SUDDENlY with no warning turned
into a major one, and both of them being very
responsive to changes in diet. Also I've had all of
the other symptoms of candida, one of which is
dizziness, various symptoms mimicking alcohol
intoxication. The medical community is a long way from
acknowledging any relationship here, but they cannot
convince me there is none, I know differently.

I have found, re everything, that everyone has
different tolerances for different substances (both
legal, illegal, organic, and chemical) and the only
way of knowing what is best is trial & error. In
general I feel children should be allowed to grow to
adulthood before experimenting with substances,
prescribed or otherwise, but I have found great
benefit from prescribed medications.

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