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Each one had photos
of each kid and artwork of various types on the theme "born to be drug
free". With little pledges that all these second and third graders werren't
gonna take drugs. All I thought was "Really? Not one of those kids is on
Ritolin?" Amazing!


And wouldn't it be *FUN* if all the teachers' pockets and desks and glove
compartments could be magically and suddenly turned out to create a big poster
of all of THEIR pharmaceutical aids to daily life.

Sandra, who's not above some nighttime pain killers or a shot of Bailey's or
aspirin/Aleve, and who occasionally chugs a bit of NyQuil and does not
disdain antibiotics, figuring I'd rather live now well than live longer sicker,
and who will get a BIG headache if morning tea skips a day

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