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Example: I called college admissions for one of my kids last week
(she's interested in Boston College). When the admissions counselor
started ticking off what my dd needed to do as a homeschooler to get
in, I felt that familiar sick feeling of panic. What if she wants to
go there but I've prevented her by not having her follow a curriculum
(which they stated over and over again she had to do)?

So what am I to do? And can that be discussed here? Those are the
kinds of thoughts that run through my head.


You started that first parapgraph with "the (singular) admissions
counsellor" and ended with "they."

"They" (the college") probably didn't state anything over and over. One
person did.
If in stead of saying "homeschooled" you had said "Who can I talk to about
admission for someone who was alternatively educated? Who's the special
admissions expert?"

They can't tell you she "had to" follow a curriculum. The most they can
"require" is that she has studied (or been exposed to, they can't require or
prove "learned") some areas so that she's not totally stumped by their beginning
level courses. Some schools have no remedial level. Other places DO and
they have tutors. Maybe she'll need that and maybe she won't.

Maybe she could take a couple of classes at a junior or community college
before applying there, and that could be part of the application, that she did
well in this class or that.


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