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Our kids don't post phone numbers or addresses and
use usually first names or screen names.


Our kids use names sometimes, and their sites are linked to my site which
has my address (if people look long enough) and Keith and I have been in the
phone book with the same phone number (though this is the second of two houses
with that phone number for nearly 30 years. Nobody has so much as burned a
cross or a sack of dog shit at our house.

When the kids first got e-mail I set them up with their real names (as
mine's set up), partly because it has been really USEFUL that I've used my real
name in lots of ways. But the boys opted out after a while for fantasy game na
mes that are now outdated. Holly had AstaHD for a while (her SCA name and
then her initials, and still uses that for neopets) but uses HollyLynnDodd now.
She'd've used HollyDodd, but I guess it was taken. On Halo 2 she used the
default randomized thing they assigned her (as did Kirby, but I think Marty
created one; can't remember what his is).

I think the opposite of living in fear is living with such courage that
others are afraid to mess with you. <g> People just don't threaten my kids.
Maybe it's personality. Maybe it's confidence. It's not cluelessness, though.
Maybe it's confidence born of a life lacking in lack. <g> They are not
needy, and so strangers can't get their attention with candy (literal or

HEY! That's a good, good thing to add to our evidence about the results of
limiting food.

Just think what factors would need to be in play for a child to go with a
strange man into a car because he offered her candy.


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