Gwen McCrea

Star Wars fans may be amused by this short animated film.

"(Grocery) Store Wars"

Gabriel (8yo), who is currently dressed all in black and menacing our
living room with his light saber, has had lots of fun with it. He and
his friends have been coming up with some great new characters based
on this--Darth Gatorade, Cake Windu, R-2 Beer-2, Ar-2-ti-choke, and of
course, his favorite, Puke Skywalker. My favorite line is "search your
peelings, Luke". It's a bit preachy about organic foods, although less
so than "The Meatrix" on the same site.

Another clever fan film that we've found: "Troops" (a take on Cops,
with Imperial Storm Troopers) at
There are other shorts at that site, though we haven't checked any of
them out yet.

May the Force be with you,



Have you also seen Thumb Wars? - turn to the nail side of the force!
lol. DH found a site that had tons of fanfic film/video, some outright
silly and some interesting back-story type pieces. I'm not sure what
the site is.