Anna Wolfe

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>There was a time when the only
way for a kid to get information from
his home and neighborhood was books. (Think Abraham
Lincoln, log
cabin in
the woods far from centers of learning.) Now books
tend to be
outdated, and is better for information. If Abraham
Lincoln had had
DVDs of the sights of other countries, of people
speaking in their
accents and languages, and of history, he would have
shoved those
books aside
and watched those videos.

When someone thinks books are the one crucial step to
any further
then books and school have crippled that person's
ability to think
expansively, and to see what's unfolding in front of
them in the real

just wanted to bookmark this quote because it is an
important one. I have come around to seeing this the
hard way through my son. two years ago after ps I
tried to limit videogames. I have given up. now he
surfs the net every day and I forward my "so simple to
make money this way a child could do it" emails to him
to screen and make a decision. he'll be 12 in a month,
but his onscreen identities are 18+.
I supervise to screen out net predators, but that's
all. He's way ahead of me in cyberspace.

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