Anna Wolfe

>>>>>>>>>If it's about social security and aid to the
parent of a dependent
that's a real and non-arbitrary reason. <g>

-=-his 18th birthday is the limits of the total
support I can offer him
. . .
although I will continue to be able to offer him . .

The choice of "can" and "be able to" means you don't
see it as a
You chose your words, but you're not choosing your

it's about aid for a dependent child. but, since I've
received so much flack about this, (as well as about
homeschooling, all at the same high stress time) I was
trying to talk around it. when I closed my daycare I
chose to go back on welfare. I lost "my" welfare, and
am living partly on "his" and partly on my PT work, as
I chose not to try to "work" any longer with the
"welfare to work" social "workers" (lol)as I could
not homeschool and work according to their rules and
constant harassment. It was clear to me that he
really needed the TIME WITH ME, after his crisis with
and in public school, (as well as with circumstances
beyond my control during his infancy and toddlerhood)
and that nothing else would help him heal and grow.
and he needed the time alone with me, not with the
other daycare kids. and he needed me to not be anxious
about anything, so I decided to accept "his" welfare
grant until is 18. I'm glad I made these choices, as
he is much happier and growing more curious and
confident every day. (he was suicidal, vandalizing,
acting out big time in public school 2 years ago.)
I also live in section 8 housing, which I plan to give
or loan to him if he wants it any time, so that he
also will be able to work part time and still survive
in our rather expensive area.
I plan to buy a van and hit the road for at least part
of every year as soon as he is really ready for me to
do so. I have no idea when that will be.

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