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-=- The only real obsession I have is
that Ellis read, and read well. To me, that is a key to almost
everything else he will want to explore on his own. And we're book
junkies anyhow-=-

"We" doesn't include Ellis and might never, on the "book junkie" part.

Please, before you think another book-related thought, read some or all of
this (still a-building, as is all of my site, always):

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There was a time when the only way for a kid to get information from outside
his home and neighborhood was books. (Think Abraham Lincoln, log cabin in
the woods far from centers of learning.) Now books tend to be outdated, and
google.com is better for information. If Abraham Lincoln had had full-color
DVDs of the sights of other countries, of people speaking in their native
accents and languages, and of history, he would have shoved those books aside
and watched those videos.

When someone thinks books are the one crucial step to any further learning,
then books and school have crippled that person's ability to think
expansively, and to see what's unfolding in front of them in the real world.


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