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A dad has a website. I registered years ago and someone contacted me there
yesterday and responded to my response so I had to go back. I was wishing
she had just used e-mail, BUT... there are a couple of really interesting
things there.

One is a graph predicting the growth of homeschooling and the [downfall, or
slack-off] of school. The cool thing is there are slider bars for all the
variables, so you can adjust the rates of change according to your own
predictions. (He was an engineer before retirement and it's a cool mathy thing with
the explanations down below.)


The other really cool thing is that on his bio page the photo moves, kinda
like the photos Harry Potter sees on collecting cards and newspapers.


He has radio shows there for download (like talks he's given, it seems) but
they won't play on a Mac. He's pro-unschooling. I might not mess with it
anymore, but I thought that graph, especially, was fun and some of you might
have friends or relatives who would be appeased by it (and by a website by
someone who's not "just a mom").


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