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**Can anybody share new ideas for storing children's clothing? Jackie
doesn't like to use the closet and doesn't enjoy digging in the drawers. We're
thinking of trying cubes. Any other ideas?**

My oldest son had a bed that was several feet off the floor. We used tall
plastic tubs shoved under the bed to hold his clothes. Huge ones. Only half full.
Then when he rummaged through them things didn't end up all over the floor.

Pat and Sarah have a cubical wall storage thingie from Ikea that holds their
clothes. Most things are stacked in the cubes, but they have baskets that fit
the cubes for socks and underwear. They don't keep them super neatly stacked
but it's easy to redo when stuff starts falling out. We just recently switched
over their room to all shelves, taking out the big dressers. There was too
much wasted space with the dressers, and the drawers were constantly getting
stuck from having too much shoved in them, or they were hanging out in the way.
With shelves they don't have to leave room for sliding in and out, and packing
stuff in just looks messy but doesn't risk clothing damage.

We also put a tall bookcase beside their bunk bed so they both have storage
space they can reach from their beds, for books and game boys and cd players
and journals and whatever else one might want while winding down.

There are hooks over the bedroom door for robes or whatever. I'm thinking of
putting a couple hooks up somewhere for stuff clean enough to wear again.

Deborah in IL