Ann Carlson

Hello my name is Ann and I have been reading this list for about a
month. I appreciate this wealth of information and I enjoy it so
much. I feel as if I'm drinking in water after being in the desert or
something. I'm not sure of the parameters of posting. Thought I'd
introduce myself and my family. My significant other, and I are
parents to three amazing children, boys 12 and our daughter is 10.
We've been homeschooling for just over two years so very new to it all,
still. I began school at home with a curriculum which I could tell
immediately was ridiculous but I continued in part to appease my
partner and family/friends etc, and probably to cover all the bases in
my own mind, too. (we have many friends who are teachers and my s.o.
is a professor). Reading, and thinking about unschooling ;makes so much
sense to me. I feel as if I'm a bit alone in it, though. I'm kind of
a closet unschooler, I guess. Still sort of "pretending" to do a
curriculum, attempting to unschool myself, playing, being, living and
noticing everyone's interests. I'd like to understand how to really
shift into unschooling, I also feel pressure at how old my kids are to
begin this, feel as if I need to either decide to "go for it" or not,
also not sure how to weave my work at an artist into the mix. And how
to begin the dialogue with my partner, it took three years for me to
make a case for getting the kids out of ps. Thank you for any and all
thoughts. again, thanks, Ann Carlson