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What is TiVo? Is it available in Canada?


Joyce Fetteroll

On May 16, 2005, at 7:50 PM, Sears Family wrote:

> What is TiVo? Is it available in Canada?

It's an option for cable or satellite. It's a box that records whatever
programs you tell it to onto a hard drive. It has a program guide
that's downloaded to it weekly so it knows what channel and time
everything is on and you just tell it which programs you want it to
record. The drives hold anywhere from 30 to 100 (maybe more by now)
hours of programs.

You can get "season passes" to your favorite shows and it will
dutifully record them even if the station time shifts the program or
shows a longer episode. You can also tell it to just record the new
episodes so it will skip over repeats over Christmas and catch season
premieres even if they start at a goofy time of the TV season.

Then you can watch your shows when you want to instead of when the
stations decide to put them on.

I think when my daughter was younger she often watched TV because she
was afraid of missing something. But with TiVo there's no need to do

Don't know if it's available in Canada.


Dawn Adams

I'm not sure if TiVo is availible but you can get the same type of technology with cable or satelite providers here in Canada.

What is TiVo? Is it available in Canada?


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