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I was going to put the morning glories page up, and I thought I should make a
page on tumbleweeds and one on goatheads too. So I took some seedling
photos, and was going to do that this morning.

I was having SO much fun with the tumbleweed page that I worked on it for
hours. It was like a big report, like a science project, I felt all botanical
and was surprised at how much I already knew. It was a blast making that page,
and I'll have to keep it updated as my two plants get bigger.

I ended up starting a page for Egyptian onions, and will add more to that
later, and when goatheads start up, in a month or two, I'll try to find one to
follow through its cycle too.



Sylvia Toyama

Cool tumbleweed sites, Sandra. I thought it was funny to see the Prairie Tumblweeds folks have a link on their site to translate to Japanese. As we've always joked (dh is Japanese-American) those Japanese folks will buy anything!



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