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--Speaking of my FIL, though not an unschooler himself, he’s still about the
“unschooliest” guy I’ve ever known, and he’s a big fly-fishing guy. He’d
thrilled to take anyone who wanted to go on a side trip to the San Juan for
fly-fishing and back country camping. He’s also a New Mexico history book
in his own right, not to mention a master furniture maker with a fully
equipped shop just down the road from Old Town. Think of the, what do you
call them—funshop-- opportunities?

Seeing local furniture-making would be a fantastic thing to offer

-=--- And, lest we forget, Frontier cinnamon rolls! I think we could fit
about, oh, several hundred or so in our van!-=-

At Sandia Prep (where Holly and I were on Tuesday) they have a nice
cafeteria,and one of the menu items is Frontier rolls! (For non-locals, Frontier
Restaurant is a place across from the university that's been there since the
60's, and has a butter-drenched cinnamon roll that's unlike anything I've had
anywhere else ever.)

And Mo Palmer, our old next door neighbor (still lives next door to our old
house) was the city's photo archivist for years and years, until she went to
teach New Mexico history at Sandia Prep. I bet she would come and give a
walking tour of Old Town for the conference.


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