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I've read mention of other unschooling forums(?) (e-mail lists?) (not sure
of proper terms!) in people's posts here. What other forums have people
found helpful, and why? How do they differ from this list?

I am on several, but due to not having enough time to read all of them every
day, I'm signed onto most of them by 'read only' or 'digest' versions and
then read when I have free time.

This is one of my favorites...plus I'm always over to Sandra's personal site
reading and re-reading her articles : ) But the 2 that I get the mail via
individual posts and that I find are most helpful personally to me, are Always
Unschooled (Danielle & Robin's list) and Shine With Unschooling (Anne
Ohman's list).

Always Unschooled is a very gentle list with lots of 'warm' regular posters
- I've had real breakthroughs reading the wonderful posts on that list!!!
There are a handful of women on that list who have REALLY made a positive impact
on my life w/their observations and insights. Always Unschooled has lots
of threads that pertain specifically to younger children, or so it seems.

The Shine list is specifically for unschooling 'non-typical' children (
highly sensitive children, explosive, Aspergers, ADD, 'spirited' are some of the
examples Anne lists on the list description, I think) and is so wonderful f
or celebrating our kids and helping them SHINE.

They're both yahoo groups.


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