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> So if I feel uncomfotable saying yes,then I should look for a way to
> say yes that makes me and the kiddos happy.Is that correct?

-=-And it may not be possible to give a simple, "yes," BUT the kids will
know, first, that "No," is not the automatic default and, second, that
you WILL try to figure out a way to make things work for them.-=-


Kirby had a plan, and Keith said no.

That was rare and stuck out! Kirby understood and agreed. I argued in
Kirby's defense (lamely, it seemed) and they both turned on me and said no, it was

This was the deal:
Encouraged by two friends who have done it, Kirby wanted to deliver pizzas
for the next few weeks until he can take a GED, get on at an adult job, and let
the released high school kids deliver the pizzas. Keith said if Kirby
owned his own car that would be one thing but Keith didn't want any of our cars
used for pizza delivery.

That's all. The big 'no."

Just thought I should share. <g>

Also I had already told Kirby that we had a female friend who had been
robbed several times delivering pizzas, but she was small and female and Kirby's
full sized and karate trained, and pizzas aren't all that expensive and he
wouldn't have much money on him anyway.

Keith told worse pizza robbery stories, besides risk to cars and wear and


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