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> <<<<<The local fabric shops don't carry the items that the
pattern requires
> (and don't know who does around here,) and we have no idea where
> begin to find what we need online. >>>>

Thanks! I did found a whole list o' preferred links at Margo's
group and a few personal recommendations as well, including fabrics-,,,
(oooh, tropical weight wool), - and of course,
eBay, with two thumbs up for a seller by the name of fabricguru or
crabdaddylonglegs. If anyone has dealt with these suppliers and has
experience to share, pro or con, please pass it on.

> This is a link to the fabric resources page at the American Sewing
> website.
> If you google Costume Guild and start following the links sections
there are
> a lot of resources and groups for people doing both historical and
> sewing.
> Robyn L. Coburn

A couple of folks recommended the handy-dandy Smock Pattern
Generator at Drea Leed's website: as well as
a hooped farthingale in lieu of the crinoline for the petticoat.
They also told me that the dress Nike purchased at RenFest (see
photo at is made of material
which would be used more for undergarments than overskirts in the
16th century, so cotton gauze is not considered authentically

Drea's site is a wealth of information, but someone offlist also
pointed me to the SCA's "Known World Handbook" as well. Nike was
aware of her gown's shortcomings as she had explored the offerings
at and other period-friendly sites many moons ago. As I
mentioned to my correspondent, she had also subscribed to the local
SCA mailing list last year, but the group appeared to be very
inactive and she felt awkward about showing up unannounced at the

Nike has long been interested in authentic costuming (hence, our
sewing projects of limited success as previously mentioned) and
living history, but hasn't had much success finding career options
in the field. She heads off to a realist workshop in Toronto this
summer to help her decide whether art school will be in her future.

If anyone has contacts or is experienced in any of the following:
SCA, fashion design/costuming, artists in the realist style, nature
and wildlife photography and related work, etc. -- in the central
Florida area (we live along the Gulf/Nature Coastline) or otherwise -
- we'd be thrilled to hear about it. That's all for now -- thanks
again, Amigos...

Vayan con Dios ~
Penne & the Crew