[email protected]

I apologize for being absent lately. I've been trying to get the
registration page (and a few others) up on the conference website.
We're just about there.

I was having computer problems and just got a new laptop (which I'm
still learning to use!). But in the shuffle, I lost a lot of info. If
you are planning to put on a funshop, I need to get your information
again. Unless I received it within the last week or so, I'll need the

Your name
your address and phone number
a 4-5 line bio
a photo (sent snail mail to me or scanned and e-mailed)
title of your funshop(s)
description of your funshop(s)

I'd also like to know whether there is a certain speaker that you
REALLY don't want to miss, so that I can best schedule around that.

I will send you a contract as soon as I have this information from you.

Thanks so mucjh for your understanding! This is going to be a wonderful


Kelly Lovejoy
Conference Coordinator
Live and Learn Unschooling Conference
October 6-9, 2005
118 Steeplechase South
Columbia, SC 29209-4810