Heidi Crane

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> Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 22:08:59 -0700
> From: "nellebelle" <nellebelle@...>
>Subject: Re: May I vent?
> >>>>>>>I'm glad this place is here, because this morning, if there were no
>place to
>rant and rave, I'd be hauling the kids out of bed (despite their 1 am or
>later bedtime) and cracking the whip.>>>>>>>
>I'm glad you let it out here, rather than on your kids. I hope that helped
>you to let it go.

It helped SO MUCH. Matter of fact, reminiscing about this 10 year old o'mine
at age 2 and 3, when she wanted a "lullabye" each night...How Much Is That
Doggy in the Window? LOL and she also liked other strange songs, like I
Wanna Hold Your Hand. She's been a Beatles freak from early on. Well,
thinking about that stuff helps, too.

When I talk to her about this, I plan on opening up with such reminiscences,
so she knows I adore her and am on her side, not just all irritated with
things. And reasserting my efforts to pitch in right along with her, when
things do need cleaning up.


blessings, heidiC

>Mary Ellen
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