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This is ringing true in our family, in the area of bedtimes. I let it go a
couple of years ago, and my kids all go to bed quite late. One, ehem, quite
EARLY ;) But!!! What the kids really want to do, even if they have to get up
early, they do. This tells me that, when it is important to them, they are
capable of rising and shining (or tidying up, or being on time, or saving
money, etc.) I don't have to give them sheets of paperwork and make sure
it's in on time; when they NEED to be on time, they will BE on time. This
has happened with all our kids more than once.

blessings, Heidi C

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> Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 01:09:15 -0700

>She tries to do all these things - the regular life kinds of things -
>as efficiently as possible to leave the MOST possible time for those
>things about which she is passionate.

>So - this wasn't intended to be bragging - this is to tell you that it
>IS possible and that it is, in fact, wanting the maximum possible
>opportunities to follow her own passions that motivates her to BE
>responsible and organized. AND - tonight she cleaned the kitchen.
>Cheerfully. WOW! And she went to bed early because, she said, "I have a
>really long day tomorrow and want to make sure I'm rested."
>On Apr 6, 2005, at 10:03 PM, greencow32766 wrote:
> > When she grows up and has "grown up"
> > responsibilities, will it be hard for her to do things that she isn't
> > passionate about - things that a lot of adults really don't want to do
> > like paying bills on time or cleaning the house or taking out the trash
> > etc...

>That's where I have the problem with, "some things just need to be done,
>like it or not," line. It doesn't offer any reasonable explanation why they
>should be done. >Dawn (in NS)

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when they NEED to be on time, they will BE on time. This
has happened with all our kids more than once.


It was a pleasant surprise for me the first few times it happened here, but
now I can say it has happened with my kids hundreds of times.

Usually, at night, I ask each kid what's going on the next day, and let them
know my plans, so we can catch conflicts and help remind each other. One
night I didn't see Kirby at all, and I had forgotten I had an early morning
appointment with Marty at the orthodontist. On the way home I remembered Kirby
had a 9:00 a.m. meeting and I had forgotten all about reminding him and I
felt a moment of panic, but when we got nearer the house, I saw his van was gone.

Marty's alarm clock just went off. It's 9:50 and he's supposed to be at
work at 11:00. I thought "how nice" and kept typing here, but it didn't stop.
I had to turn it off, because he's already upstairs, having woken up before
the alarm. He just started the shower.

HOW COOL IS THAT!? He's 16 and would have done what he's doing whether I
was home or not, whether I was asleep or not.


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