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**There is Japanese art, there are electronic motion-activated singing
fish to mount on walls, there's the history of boats and there's cooking! **

There's cooking the fish, and then there's cooking *for* fish. There are
whole books written about making baits for various fish.

I have volunteered to start a worm bin so my son and husband can have ready
bait to hand and so might be able to just go out fishing any old day after Mike
gets home from work. Maybe kids will get interested in the wormies life
cycle, and maybe they won't, but the worms will be there in any case, illustrating
soil building and decomposition and invertebrate biology. :)

Deborah in IL


DH and DS stumbled upon a great way to get worms to surface so they
could go fishing: take a long metal spike (like the ones used to hold
landscaping railroad ties) and pound it into the ground a few inches.
Then tap on it with a wrench or other metal implement - they found a
ratcheting wrench worked great - apparently the vibration bothers
or 'tickles' the worms and up they come - big long 'juicy' ones too!