Heidi Crane

we went out yesterday evening and found two within two miles of our house,
and it was SO cool! When we found our first one, we all geeked out
completely! I've already got the first one for today planned, and I want to
get one together to hide.

THIS is something everyone in our family will enjoy doing.

blessings, HeidiC

Subject: RE: Geocaching was Okay, I'm now on Digest
>We started geocaching a few months ago and it has been great. The kids
>finding the treasure and they actually want to go for hikes now! We also
>just got some travel bugs and will be releasing them sometime soon. It's
>really fun to look for geocaches while traveling because it gets you out to
>places you might not have seen otherwise (even works in your own home
>Happy geocaching!
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>I got my hubby a GPS unit for his b-day, and we're going to
>start Geo-cacheing. Gonna be fun.
>blessings, heidiC