Amy Childs

<<That being said, you took this opportunity to discuss words, language, and
the sex industry with your children. Have you considered sharing that fact
with your father? >>

My daughter (14) wanted to take this on herself, as soon as she heard he'd
been concerned. She wrote a follow-up letter to her whole list, apologizing
to "anyone" (even though it was probably only grandpa who was offended) who
she may have offended or hurt by sending along what was only a joke to her.
She also took the chance to say that we had been discussing words and the
use of language, and that she was really thinking a lot about it (which was
all true). She received lots of warm thoughtful and intelligent responses
from the rest of her list, which continued to enrich the whole conversation.

So, she handled it perfectly (in my opinion), and at the same time
accidentally presented a great case for unschooling, to anyone capable of
reading between the lines.


Mark and Amanda Philip

<< she handled it perfectly >>

Hi Amy,

Your daughter certainly did handle the situation with maturity and respect. She is a wonderful example of unschooling at work.

x Amanda x
(new member / dd Timber : almost three years old)

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