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A couple of years ago Sandra, I think, found this site for translating
text into "Red neck" "Jive" "Elmer Fudd" and other interesting dialects.

Here it is again.

Here's a little red neck Shakespeare:

O, call not me t'jestify th' wrong Thet thy unkindness lays upon mah
heart; Woun' me not wif thine eye but wif thy tongue; Use power wif power
an' slay me not by art. Tell me thou lovess elsewhar, but in mah sight,
Dear heart, fo'bar t'glance thine eye aside: Whut in tarnation need'st
thou woun' wif cunnin' when thy might Is mo'e than mah o'er-press'd
defense kin bide? Let me excuse thee: ah! Fry mah hide! mah love fine
knows Her purdy looks haf been mine inemies, An' tharfo'e fum mah face
she turns mah foes, Thet they elsewhar might dart their injuries: Yet
does not so; but on account o' ah's near slain, Kill me outright wif
looks an' rid mah pain, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Deb L

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ah! Fry mah hide!


'Twere it me?
I tha'nk not, but thanks anyhoo.

Love that stuff.

(I tha'nk not, therefor I ain't?)

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