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Order Sandra's "Peaceful Parenting" tape. Richard's on there too.

Priceless. ....welll, she DOES charge for it, but it's worth every


Hey, you can get it without giving me anything if you buy it from the company
that did the recording (or you can e-mail me to ask about getting it from me
if you'd rather):

WRITE, CALL or Email:
Send Check or Money Order to:
T C C Audio Tapes, 578 Meadowlark St.,
Livermore, CA 94551 PH./ FAX 925 449 8402

Tapes $6.00 each Ca. Res. Add Sales Tax 8.25%
Shipping will be $1.75 1-2 tapes, 3-6 $3.25, 7-15 $ 3.75
Please Allow 2 Weeks for DELIVERY

Here are the tapes I used to have, but right now I only have Peaceful and
Harry should be able to sell you any of them. The number in brackets will
help him find them.

Unschooling Gloriously Introduced [01-16]

(A gloriously fancy name for “intro to unschooling”)

Practicalities of Unschooling [02 16]

That conference had asked that we provide practical hands-on information, but
I discussed in my talk that the important tools for unschooling are mental
and interpersonal. (Another kind of intro.)

Benefits of Video Games for Unschoolers [02 26]

Panel: (standing and walking around, not sitting, but the sound quality is
Sandra Dodd, Dan Vilter and Kathy Ward,
Plus one child of each: Jonathan Ward who was 18 I think, Matthew Vilter who
was 12, and Holly Dodd, who was 10, who were demonstrating games (Dan had set
up a big projection screen) and describing what they were doing.
(After all that Intro, I find I only have one copy left of this one.)

To Question, or Not to Question—That is the Question [01- ? at least tell
him it was 2001]

With Richard Prystowsky, (editor of Paths of Learning magazine), I was
discussing how a parent whose family of origin did NOT encourage question-asking,
whose parents tended to shush them, can learn to enjoy and encourage
question-and-answer dialogs, and how wonderful that is for unschoolers. The underlying
theme was whether Jewish childrearing tradition has some principles that
Christian families could greatly benefit from knowing. I was raised Baptist,
Richard was raised Jewish, and we’re both now Buddhist-esque, though Richard much
more than I am.

Peaceful Parenting [02 36]

Also with Richard Prystowsky.
This is the tape more people have bought than all the others combined. We’re
discussing practical ways to make family life more peaceful.

(I charge $7.50 to mail one from here, and I take paypal, and if other list
owners see me selling something on the list they might throw me off or put me
on moderation so I hid it at the bottom. Shhh.)