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Hi I am Joy new to group age 29 two children living with us age 16
and 5. Does anyone in this Group Live in Ky? How can my children get
a diploma with unschooling in this state isnt it required to get a
job anymore?

Hi, Joy.

Please read the list's description and guidelines,

_http://sandradodd.com/lists/info_ (http://sandradodd.com/lists/info)

Particular regional information might be found at _www.unschooling.com_
(http://www.unschooling.com) , in the message boards here:

and if you click "topics" in the box at the bottom of any of those pages,
you can find many discussions for newcomers to unschooling.

The unschooling discussion list is more for the discussion of general issues
helpful to all unschoolers and we have a large, international readership, so
we try to avoid discussion of local laws.

Here's a Kentucky page I found with google.
_http://kyhomeschool.info/_ (http://kyhomeschool.info/)

When you've read the list for a week or two, you can post, but please keep
the questions more general and of interest to people all over the place.


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