Hey Pam (I think it is?)

My daughter Lelia went through the same thing at about the same age. The circumstances were a little different. . we had just moved to a new state, I was having a baby, and I think she was a bit lonely, etc.

She went. . had an okay experience except at the end, and then decided school was not for her and she went back to unschooling. Another year she went to an alternative school, but only went when she wanted to (they had a homeschool program also).

I felt much like you. . . I was aghast that she wanted to go, BUT I stuck it out, and then she chose otherwise. I know it isn't easy, but my experience tells me all things for a reason and the best thing is to figure out for yourself what you are going to choose to do and who you are going to Be in relationship to this situation. Best of luck to you

By the way, Lelia is doing some really cool stuff now . . . check it out at her website at BUT at the time all that is happening, I know it is tough. . .hang in there!!!

Mary Broussard

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