Julie Anderson

Kelly.. I am glad for your post.. it was an inspiration for me. It's
funny.. because I once was that sort of person.. the most outspoken
supporter of unschooling in a very conservative hm'school group. My family
and I have had a tough year, one thing after another. I'm just a bit beat
down lately, and this last hurdle; having to deal with the juvenile dept.
was scary. I have no excuse for not being more confident. We aren't new
unschoolers, I know this is right for my kids. I've read almost everything
Sandra has written and I've been a lurker here on the unschooling discussion
list for a while too. I will be at the conference in Oct, and hopefully when
it's over, will feel "armed to the teeth" again too. Anyway I'm saving what
you wrote. Julie in MO