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-=-=-=- My dd was in the show "Oliver", so we all watched the movie one night together and my two youngest ended up crying. I think I showed a little lack of judgement, but I hadn't really thought about the abuse/neglect/nasty parenting factor till after these experiences. -=-=-=-=-

One of the songs I sing to Duncan (well, *used* to sing!) is "Where is Love" from Oliver! One day when he was four-or-five he asked where I learned it and what it meant. After I told him, he cried and asked that I not sing that one any more. It made him very sad to know this little boy was looking for his mom, who was dead.

He's seen the movie and the stage production. He perked up when he heard 'his song'. <g> I can now sing it to him, but only when he asks. <g>

~Kelly, far behind in writing...