I've been saying "why not?" more often and it feels good! I think
it's rubbing off on my husband.

Last night, we were in the bathroom with our 6 yr old, Sophia,
helping her get her bath water just like she likes it. She
undressed but forgot her socks. When she asked her Dad to "jump"
her in the tub, she realized she was still wearing the socks. My
husband said, "why not?" and "jumped" her into the tub anyway. She
giggled with glee and then peeled off the wet socks and smacked them
against the wall, enjoying the noise and our smiling faces.

It was a good "yes" moment. Later, I talked with my husband about
it. We discussed how crazy it is that we all have these little
rules inside us that don't mean a thing really, have no reason for

Anyway, say "yes" to saying yes! :)